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Click here to see the one and only Ventro Isols, the main good guy of the Us franchise.

Click here to see Negative Ventro, the Ventro who thought his job was history and wants revenge.

Click here to see Evil Ventro, the Ventro that’s the exact reverse of Ventro.

Click here to see FrankenVentro, the reborn version of Ventro in some episodes.

Ventro is NOT to be confused by these people.

Roy Isols, Ventro’s evil twin.

Nemesis Ventro, the evil robot Ventro.

Mack Tebirin, a master of disguise who went undercover as Ventro.

Ventro Jr, Ventro’s son.

Tantrum, the man who wants Ventro to go on an evil stampede and join the villains and looks like Ventro.

Nemesis Ventro II, the revised version of Nemesis Ventro.

Good Roy, Roy Isols from the Reverse Universe who does exactly what Ventro does.