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Us: The Final Fleet is the second to last series in the Us franchise. It is when Jenny Wakeman escapes from jail again and Ventro must stop her.


Stephen Lefalle as Ventro Isols, Roy Isols, Clone Trooper #1, Big Wig, Overlord Stein and Cousin Steve

Ben Defann as Ventro Jr and Roy Jr

Janice Kawaye as Jenny Wakeman and Yunty

Thora Birch as Vega and Vega X

Bella Tanson as Shanon Devian

Dee Bradley Baker as Clone Troopers and Vinquist

Narrator Guy as Commander Gruff

Frank Welker II as Stormtroopers, Spacefleet and Wreckenade

SFX as Fitnesstron and The Spin Doctor

King Chad as Agent Chadwick

Nathan Krell as Jettzayan

Charles Martinet as Lario, Luigi and Anti-Lario

????? as Tech Mitter

This is all of the cast Stephen can manage to give out.


The critics sorta liked it. They said it could have been much worse, but everything needs to end. Later, Stephen said "[[Us: Reborn|Us' not over yet. One more series to go until completion!"

Original Plans/Trivia[]

In the first draft, there would be a reference to a game called "Mario Sports Mix", which came out at the time the first draft was written.

After this, it was planned Us would turn to TV movies. One would be called "Us: Roy's Doomship". This plan was cancelled at the last second.