Us: Reborn is the final series in the Us franchise. It's when Jenny Wakeman is rebuilt into JN•E and Ventro must stop her. Later in the series, the plot turns into Ventro Isols trying to stop the war and to defeat Adrian Pintwood.

Original Plans

In the original draft, Us: Reborn was EXTREMELY different, Adrian was going to be revealed to be Bloom, Negative Ventro was going to have a hatred for faires from magic dimesnsions, Knoxwroth was going to be Stella, and so on. The episode "The Grill" was going to be inspired of the old Michael Jackson song "Thriller" (hence the name), Shanon would have an obsession to trappung Ventro Isols in Disney Channel esque worlds and add more and more people as time progressed, Jettzayan would be in an episode where he was manger of a show called "iCarl", Victoria Justice would be in an episode PLUS MORE!

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