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Series Name
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date February 18, 2031
Written by The writing team
Directed by The creator of Us.
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Platter of a Million Souls
The Real side of Evil


Ventro is testing a new invention for time travel. He accidentally picks up a radio & it causes to make a warp. Ventro thinks it's ruined but then he tells Protos Granise about it. Protos tells Ventro that he should never use for more then a month. Ventro sees the time warp again. It looks like a warper. Ventro tests it by going to Tremorton in Jenny's time. He goes in the portal & sees Jenny in high school. Ventro thinks he's failed the time warp & he'll have to return but then he notices Jenny is looking at him in confusion. Ventro runs away. Jenny chases after him. Ventro contacts Protos that Jenny caught him. Protos tells him to use his rocket thrusters. Ventro uses them & dashes away. Jenny pulls out her jetpacks & chases after him. Ventro ends up going so far he ends up in a factory! He jumps of the conveyer belt & finds some workers. The workers tell him that a robot is heading his way. Ventro tells them that it's Jenny charging at him. Then Jenny gets Ventro & tells him why is he here. Ventro didn't answer. Then Ventro gets head slammed to the ground by a villain in a cape. Ventro can't identify him. Then Protos tells Ventro that he should come back immediately. Ventro doesn't listen & gets dragged away. Later, Jenny finds the villain & it appears to be Robot X. Jenny fights the robot & then after a while, it goes down. Ventro learned a valuable lesson & goes back to his true time. Protos is really happy that he came back. Then the present Jenny is in her ship & finds that he has a time warp. To be continued......


Even villains have greatness. Even if they save there rival.




Protos Granise (First appearance)

Factory Workers (First appearance)

Brad (Background character)

Christina (Background character)

Sheldon (Background character)

Robot X (First appearance)

Tech Mitter (Cameo)

Vega (Cameo)


Free Castron (Background)

Dark Station

X-wing (Background)

TIE Fighters (Background)


Tremorten Car (Background)


The Dark Station was originally going to be called Dark Star which was taken from Transformers. See the Transformers wiki for more information about the Dark Star.