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The Chairman is Professor Chipper's arch nemesis. He is a giant robot who created the cogs. He was made by Gyro Gearloose and Scrooge McDuck. He got mad at the CEO for getting defeated by the toons several times.


He has made appearences in Us too.

Us: The Final Fleet[]

As a ghost, he plans an attack on The Alliance of Goodness alongside Jenny Wakeman, Skullrock, Computron and µart. Professor Chipper Sourdoodle degrades him and defeats him with a lightsaber. µart rebuilds him.

Us: Reborn[]

The Decepticons recruit Jenny Wakeman, The Chairman, Clawer, Skullrock, Computron and µart. They then form The United Decepticon Army. The Chairman is then blown up. The cogs are soon being ruled by The Chairman's Son. Professor Chipper sets out to defeat him.