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The Chairman's Son is the main antagonist of Secret of the Cogs 2.

He also makes appearances in Us: The Final Fleet and Us: Reborn.

The Final Fleet

The Chairman's Son along with The Impericog and Ghost Chairman plan an attack on the Alliance of Goodness. He is then seen as a hologram in Cog Nation saying "ATTENTION ALL COGS! THE ALLIANCE OF GOODNESS IS GOING TO RAID COG NATION! ARM YOUR WEAPONS," causing Ventro Jr, Vinquist and Ben Locus to hurry and get a little frightened. A Big Wig captures them.

Us: Reborn

When The seemingly Ghost Chairman has been rebuilt, the giant robot tells his son to hand over the Key of Dictatorship to him. The Chairman's Son does so and is never seen in the series again.


The Chairman's Son was mentioned in the first Secret of the Cogs movie when The Chairman said "Oh no! What if my son figures about this raiding? Oh well, better teach him the skills."

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