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Tantrum is a villain from Us: The Final Fleet. He was going to be a villain from some sort of crazy country but he became a rich man. He also makes crazy gadgets like the Get Rich Quick Gadgetron. In one Us: The Final Fleet episode, he was a rich man who was a bit greedy on his profits. Tantrum used his Upsetray on Ventro and they started hating eachother. In the next episode he appeared in, Ventro got revenge on Tantrum for the Upsertray mishap. Tantrum didn't know it hit Ventro, REALLY! Tantrum likes money, his compony, Jenny Wakeman, Vega, Misty and Ventro's evil brother Royman. Tantrum dislikes losing, Ventro, SuperStarX (Like Ventro and his brother Roy) and getting angry. He's played by the same guy who plays Ventro. He also became a superhero and battled Ventro because Ventro became jealous on him and started attacking.

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