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“You’re quite perky I must admit!"

Shanon while Ventro was in the Narthanon disguise in The Dancing Agency

Narthanon or "Narthanon 5000" is a robot from Us: The Next Generation. He helped Shanon defeat Ventro. He is also thought to be Ventro’s alter ego.


An older Narthanon took a visit to Mistys planet. Misty Hankson think he met her match and must destroy him. Mistrel Hankson and Ventro help her train to stop him. At the time the match begins, Ventro gives her The Curly Straw of Death. Misty destroys Narthanon, causing a younger Shanon to get angry and she wants the entire Hankson family to be dead.


One of the blueprints Ventro was holding was a blueprint for Narthanon Template:Storylink. Meanwhile, when he was finished, on Jenny Wakeman’s VillainBook pages, you could see Narthanon’s face. Template:Storylink.

Us: The Next Generation[]

Shanon Devian finished him up in the Luxary Hotel. When he became the new Narthanon, his first mission was to guard the hotel. Once Ventro and Ventro Jr. got in, they fought Narthanon. Narthanon was almost dead by the time Ventro got in. Shanon came downstairs and challenged them to a lightsaber duel. Ventro won. Shanon ran to the entrance to fix up Narthanon. Template:Storylink. When he was finished, they built DanceMania to defeat and torture Ventro is the most horrible ways possible: By making him into an extreme like dancer. Ventro went in disguise as Narthanon and got good information to stop it. Then, when Shanon figured out that the REAL Narthanon was in repairs, she knew that Ventro was going under as Narthanon, so she fought Ventro, but this time, she won sadly, but Ventro destroyed the machine at the last second. Template:Storylink. Narthanon was later destroyed by Ventro when it was revealed it was actually Nemesis Ventro’s alter ego, NOT Ventro’s alter ego. Template:Storylink.

Us: The Final Fleet[]

A rebuilt Narthanon joins “The Villains of Tomorrow”. He asked a manager how to stop him without building the extreme torture device. The Manager told him to build The Narthanon Army. When Narthanon was done, he made the army go in hiding in the gigantic building to surprise Ventro Isols. The army doesn’t succeed and the army is destroyed. Then when Ventro was in the Killers Arena, he defeated the arena and destroyed all of the villains in it, besides Tantrum and Shanon. They escaped at the last second. Narthanon was dead.