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This article is about the evil agent working for both Adrian and the Decepticons. To see more, click here.

Performer: Janice Kawaye
Appeared in: Us, Us: The Next Generation, Us Vortexes, Us: The Final Fleet and Us: Reborn
Superpower: The Force and many weapons

Jenny is the ultimate villain in Us. She kills all who comes to her. Well, sometimes. The other times she just wants to kill Ventro. Ventro even says that Jenny was the best recruit on the good side before she became evil! Well, that is revealed in The Great Time Warp. She plays a major role in the Us franchise as the main antagonist. The other major antagonists are Vega & Misty. Two of them used to be Tech Mitter & Craver but they got kicked out. While Craver went on to different destinies, Tech Mitter made a deal with Vega & they decided to reveal a Horrible Spirit in I.O.U.Y.. In Us: The Next Generation, Jenny is still alive after the events of The Last Storms, but she is revealed to be working for a new villain, but then she took his place in supreme commander of evil. Jenny's arch nemesis besides Ventro is Ami or sometimes even Mistrel, the girl who Ventro dated once (but Misty forced Mistrel to)! Then in Us: Vortexes, she got Ami and Yumi to supreme spaces. Ventro still thinks they shouldn't be on supreme spaces but then, he stopped Ami and Yumi from getting back Tokyo. In Us: The Final Fleet, Jenny gets so angry that she commits extreme forces to destroy the WHOLE alliance with Ventro once and for all! In Us: Reborn she dies and her memory is stored into the new villain, JN•E. Jenny is played by Janice Kawaye.