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Ami is the leader of the Ami Empire. She worked with Yumi in the Teen Titan Attack & they made the Teen Titans theme song together. Their manager is Kaz, the little guy. Her arch-enemy Ventro makes references to "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi", Ami's old show. Ventro says stuff like "And what if the cute boy was here?" & "Starfire wouldn't be impressed.". Ami is played by Janice Kawaye, just like on her old show. Her full name is Ami Onuki, but she is called "Ami Anderson" by Ventro


Bunny Cuddles

Getting prizes out of cereal boxes


Kaz (sometimes)




Jenny (sometimes)



Getting trapped in a cereal box


Jenny (mostly)

Her live action counterpart.


Hates a Lot!


The Alliance of Goodness

Getting trapped in a cereal box


I think you've watched you fair share of HHPAY so I don't think you need info! If you haven't, Ami was a pop singer before she turned out to the Galactic Empire. She was so good on the Galactic Empire, that she could make her OWN empire. Yumi figured out about her empire & tried to stop her. Ami didn't let her and Yumi had no choice but to surrender. Then, Kaz build Wreckenade. Wreckenade caused a ruckus & Kaz joined the empire. Ami is now one of the most successful villains of all time, WOW!

Former Information by HHPAY fans

You just said Ami? You mean by THE Ami Onuki? I am her BIGGEST fan EVER!! Her music is like so good with her sister Yumi but Kaz on the other hand isn't much of a good hand. He always so grouchy & he has an annoying french accent! But sadly, they turned over to "Jenny". Must be a new manager because they're now on "SuperStarX" & they preform BETTER songs and there's also some other girl named Julie who claims to have better music then them and there's also Metalbreath and who could forget Chad? Sadly, some guy named Ventro Isols is planning to kill her because of her "evil plots". She never had evil plots, I think. But if I think she never did, she might of did! Oh, what can I do?

Information by Ventro

Ami Onuki is one of the most dangerous villains of all time. Avoid her at all costs. She used to be in a band called "Puffy Ami Yumi", so I make references to her show every time a battle her. It's odd that Ami & Jenny are rivals. Must be because of there empire switch. Back in the times before war, she preformed "Teen Titans", "True Asia", "Joining a Fan Club", "Friends Forever" and "Puffy Theme" with her sister Yumi. Kaz is her manager. Kaz is also responsible of Wreckenade and Blogger 7. In other words, keep a long distance of her. Ami can rather be found in Tokyo or Kaltan. It was sad when I found out i the year 3000 that Falaxor, MY planet became a world dedicated to Ami & Yumi. Well, sorta. I almost got my butt freezed off, but [[Kaz] hitched me a ride back home, good old 2031. Oh, and never even get me STARTED on the Teen Titans.