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Ami is the leader of the [[Ami Empire]]. She worked with [[Yumi]] in the [[Teen Titan Attack]] & they made the Teen Titans theme song together. Their manager is [[Kaz]], the little guy. Her arch-enemy [[Ventro Isols|Ventro]] makes references to "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi", Ami's old show. Ventro says stuff like "And what if the cute boy was here?" & "[[Starfire]] wouldn't be impressed.". Ami is played by [[Janice Kawaye]], just like on her old show. Her full name is Ami Onuki, but she is called "Ami Anderson" by [[Ventro Isols|Ventro]]
Ami was the original name for [[Amy]], but due the copyright issues, her name was switched to [[Amy]] faster then you could say change it.
Bunny Cuddles
Getting prizes out of cereal boxes
[[Kaz]] (sometimes)
[[Jenny Wakeman|Jenny]] (sometimes)
[[Julie the Destroyer|Julie]]
Getting trapped in a cereal box
[[Jenny Wakeman|Jenny]] (mostly)
Her live action counterpart.
==Hates a Lot!==
[[Ventro Isols|Ventro]]
[[The Alliance of Goodness]]
Getting trapped in a cereal box
I think you've watched you fair share of HHPAY so I don't think you need info! If you haven't, Ami was a pop singer before she turned out to the [[Galactic Empire]]. She was so good on the [[Galactic Empire]], that she could make her OWN empire. [[Yumi]] figured out about her empire & tried to stop her. Ami didn't let her and [[Yumi]] had no choice but to surrender. Then, [[Kaz]] build [[Wreckenade]]. [[Wreckenade]] caused a ruckus & [[Kaz]] joined the empire. Ami is now one of the most successful villains of all time, WOW!
===Former Information by HHPAY fans===
You just said Ami? You mean by THE Ami Onuki? I am her BIGGEST fan EVER!! Her music is like so good with her sister [[Yumi]] but [[Kaz]] on the other hand isn't much of a good hand. He always so grouchy & he has an annoying french accent! But sadly, they turned over to "Jenny". Must be a new manager because they're now on "SuperStarX" & they preform BETTER songs and there's also some other girl named [[Julie the Destroyer|Julie]] who claims to have better music then them and there's also Metalbreath and who could forget Chad? Sadly, some guy named [[Ventro Isols]] is planning to kill her because of her "evil plots". She never had evil plots, I think. But if I think she never did, she might of did! Oh, what can I do?
===Information by Ventro===
Ami Onuki is one of the most dangerous villains of all time. Avoid her at all costs. She used to be in a band called "Puffy Ami Yumi", so I make references to her show every time a battle her. It's odd that Ami & [[Jenny Wakeman|Jenny]] are rivals. Must be because of there empire switch. Back in the times before war, she preformed "Teen Titans", "True Asia", "Joining a Fan Club", "Friends Forever" and "Puffy Theme" with her sister [[Yumi]]. [[Kaz]] is her manager. [[Kaz]] is also responsible of [[Wreckenade]] and Blogger 7. In other words, keep a long distance of her. Ami can rather be found in Tokyo or Kaltan. It was sad when I found out i the year 3000 that [[Falaxor]], MY planet became a world dedicated to Ami & [[Yumi]]. Well, sorta. I almost got my butt freezed off, but [[Kaz] hitched me a ride back home, good old 2031. Oh, and never even get me STARTED on the Teen Titans.
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Ami was the original name for Amy, but due the copyright issues, her name was switched to Amy faster then you could say change it.